The discovery in 1559 of a mineral spring eventually led to the founding of the limited company of Mineral- und Heilquellen AG in 1948. In 1998, it was the first spring in Switzerland to the officially recognized as a source of "natural mineral water." Today, Mineral- und Heilquellen AG has the only mineral spring in the Berne Canton, with six springs providing high quality mineral water. Adelbodner has made a more for itself over the course of time as the producer of soft drinks and flavored water.

Mineral- und Heilquellen AG currently employs around 45 people. The production runs in two plants, one for glass bottles and a new efficient plant for plastic bottles. Millions of bottles leave the site every year and are transported to retailers, numerous hospitals and homes all over Switzerland. Adelbodner mineral water is also exported to Germany. In addition to the well-known brands of Adelbodner and Adello, private brands are also bottled in Adelboden on behalf of reputable Swiss retailers.

“Adelbodner” Building Project

Mineralquellen Adelboden begins a major construction project. An expansion of the warehouse will be completed at the end of 2020.

Swiss Wrestling Team

Together with the reigning Swiss wrestling champion, Matthias Glarner, and high-ranking Swiss wrestlers Kilian von Weissenfluh, Patrick Globeli, and Thomas Inniger, Adelbodner becomes an ever-present part of the Swiss wrestling world. These four athletes characterize values that are central to Adelbodner and its products. “The full power of Adelboden” is represented in the high mineral content and strong character of its water, and having these four wrestlers as brand ambassadors exemplify and strengthen the local traits of Adelboden and the only mineral water spring in the Berne Canton.

70 Years of Adelbodner

Seven decades of Adelbodner has arrived, from the first large production of bottled water in Oey to ultimately selling our product throughout Switzerland. The 70th anniversary of “Bedli,” a nickname of Adelbodner, is celebrated with over 150 guests and customers.

Matthias Glarner, Swiss Wrestling Champion 2016

In the Bernese Oberland, tradition, power and dynamism combine to redefine the term “Swiss.” The 2016 Swiss Wrestling Champion, Matthias Glarner, becomes the new brand ambassador for Adelbodner Mineral. The values and strengths of both partners overlap in many areas, combining to form a powerhouse of tradition from the Bernese Oberland.

Adelbodner Comes Home

The Light- and Waterworks Company of Adelboden (LWA) becomes the majority shareholder of Adelbodner Mineralquelle. Adelbodner is once again locally owned.

After 19 years, there is a change in management at Adelbodner: Patrick Marti takes over for Erich Arter.


Vives Mineral Water arrives on the shelves of Spar, a grocery store chain. A proceed for every bottle sold goes toward the VIVES foundation. Vives is a not-for-profit project that supports drinking water projects in Africa.

Adelbodner Relaunch

The entire Adelbodner product line, mineral water and soft drinks, is newly designed. Now every drink label shows the Adelbodner mountain panorama, including the famous Schwandfeldspitz, with the Adelbodner coin and the Swiss cross prominently displayed in the center.

New Bottling Plant

Beginning on May 17, 2004, the new, state-of-the-art bottling plant is up and running. The new facility exclusively produces plastic bottles (PET) in preform condition. For environmental reasons, Adelbodner will blow mold these preform bottles in the future. The new facility will help Adelbodner stay competitive and continue to grow. From this time on, plastic bottles (PET) are produced for the business on site. The productive capacity amounts to 18,000 bottles per hour.

Bottling Machine Expansion

With a forward-thinking approach, Adelbodner invests in a glass bottling machine. The new machine massively increases the hourly output. The glass bottle line now includes 100cl, 50c and 33cl reusable, refillable glass bottles, which are almost exclusively used by the food service industry.

First Official Recognition in Switzerland

On January 4, 1988, the Adelbodner Mineral Spring receives official recognition (the first in Switzerland!) as a natural mineral water in compliance with the terms set forth by the Ordinance from February 12, 1986.

Ted Scapa

Adelbodner runs a promotional campaign with artist Ted Scapa. The emphasis of the sales effort is the expansion of the distribution. With a calculated advertising campaign, consumers should be motivated to desire and consume Adelbodner drinks, thereby boosting sales.


The redistribution in trade has ramifications. Numerous sources decide to fill cheaper secondary brands for wholesale distributors and retail chains. Adelbodner is no exception- first time brands are bottled under the names “Jambo” and “Quelly.”


The “diet”-Licence

Through the “diet”-Licence, Adelbodner opens up the low-calorie beverage market in Switzerland. “Diet” is offered in flavors orange, lemon and, after a long interlude, cola. The low-calorie, dietary products are especially suitable for those watching their waistlines and people who need to avoid sugar.

“Duett” Launch

Adelbodner ventures into the realm of bitter drinks: A newly developed, quinine-free bitter orange soda initially called “3A” (Aranciata Amara Adelbodner) is tested, before ultimately being released throughout Switzerland as “Duett.”

New machines

New machines shine in the production facility; the old washing and filling plant gives way to a new and high-performance system. The hard work of stacking crates is now taken care of by machines.


It is once again getting cramped, and an extension larger than the old factory is being tackled. In November 1962, a once in a century storm rages, tearing away the roof of the newly completed building.

Citron Fin

A fun, new product appears on the market. “Citro Fin,” “Orange Fin” and “Grapefruit Fin” are launched: soda water with pure fruit juice.

The Sixties

The trucks and delivery vans are labelled, advertising the “Adelbodner” brand.

New Production Facility

The new production facility in Oeykehr is completed. The new building increases the capacity tenfold, to 3000 bottles per hour. An impressive facility – big enough for a long time – or so they thought.

Founding of the Company

Gottlieb Sarbach-Ulmann (1896-1964), the founder, recognizes the springs’ potential and makes initial experiments with the mineral water and various “flavours.” Together with other investors, he founds “Adelbodner Mineral- und Heilquellen AG Adelboden” in 1948, becoming president of the company. The first bottles of Adelbodner are bottled.


In 1559, the healing spring of Oey is mentioned for the first time in writing. Noble women use the healing water for their baths. However, it was not until centuries later, after the Second World War, that the source of a spring for drinking water was discovered – not least because of the healthy minerals.