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Adelbodner - The Big Brand

Adelbodner – our classic mineral water from Adelboden. Low in sodium and nitrates, rich in calcium and magnesium. This highly mineralised, natural mineral water is available either still or sparkling.

Adelbodner Mineral


Adelbodner Spezial


Adelbodner Citro

sparkling lemonade

Adelbodner Orange

sparkling orange soda

Adelbodner Grapefruit

sparkling grapefruit soda

Adelbodner Bärgtee Pfefferminze-Zitrone

Made im Bärner Oberland!

Adelbodner Bärgtee Zitronen-Thymian

Made im Bärner Oberland!

Adelbodner Apfelschorle

sparkling apple juice

Adelbodner Holunder-Melisse

sparkling elderberry-lemonbalm soda

Adelbodner Limette

sparkling lime soda