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What does sustainability mean?

Sustainability has always been and will always be an important part of our philosophy!

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What is CO₂?

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is a chemical compound of carbon and oxygen. The colourless gas is a natural component of the air and comes from a large number of natural sources, such as the metabolism of animals and humans, forest fires and volcanic eruptions.

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Corporate Carbon Footprint

Together with ClimatePartner, we have created the Corporate Carbon Footprint. This is regarded as an important building block for…

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Project Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is definitely a priority for every person on planet Earth. Since Switzerland is not lacking in this department, it is easy to take this commodity for granted. For us as a mineral water source…

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Project Bergwald

As a Swiss company that processes a natural product, it is particularly important for us to support regional projects. The consequences of climate change have long been visible in Switzerland. By supporting Project Bergwald in the Bernese Oberland, we can thus play our part in the reforestation and conservation of forests.

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Even the founders of the mineral spring knew that our most important asset, namely the pure, fresh spring mineral water, came unchanged from nature and had to be protected for the future. The topic of sustainability is still firmly established in the management team today.

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Project renewable energy

Mineralquellen Adelboden AG is a modern production company that kept in step with the times by using 100% renewable energy for power generation.

The environment and future generations are very important to us – sustainability is the future!

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Project Team

Although at times it seems difficult to live sustainably, the project team daily adjusts everyday life at our production company in order to meet our sustainability goals.

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Adelbodner Team

The topic of sustainability has many facets and concerns the entire community of a company. It requires everyone to deal with the issue in order to solve the problem.

Together for the future – Voices from the Adelbodner Team

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