What is CO₂?

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is a chemical compound of carbon and oxygen. The colourless gas is a natural component of the air and comes from a large number of natural sources, such as the metabolism of animals and humans, forest fires and volcanic eruptions.

Co2 Formel

CO₂ is considered an important component of the global carbon cycle and a main greenhouse gas in the Earth’s atmosphere. Through human activities, namely the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil or natural gas, the proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere is steadily increasing. This increase intensifies the natural greenhouse effect, which in turn is the cause of current global warming.

The topic of sustainability has always been and will always be a part of the philosophy of Mineralquellen Adelboden AG. Over the years, the basic idea of sustainable development has not changed, but the business activities and their impact on the environment have evolved to meet the demands of today’s sustainable standards. Our production processing steps are regularly analyzed and adjustments are made to reduce our CO2 emissions.

As a production company, however, we are not able to reduce or eliminate our emissions altogether. Together with Climate Partner Switzerland AG, we have calculated our carbon footprint and, since 2020, have been certified as climate neutral as a company, including our brands Adelbodner and Adello. The unavoidable emissions that we do generate are offset by various projects that we are involved with. In this way, we take part in sustainable practices and work hard to protect the environment. More information about our projects can be found here by Engagement.

Co2 Formel