Project Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is definitely a priority for every person on planet Earth. Since Switzerland is not lacking in this department, it is easy to take this commodity for granted. For us as a mineral water sourceā€¦

Not only clean but unadulterated water is the daily business, which made Project Clean Drinking Water in Cambodia a natural choice for our involvement.
Every person on Earth should have access to clean drinking water. The 2019 United Nations’ Water Report stated that more than two billion people worldwide still do not have permanent access to clean drinking water.

Many families have no choice but to boil water on an open fire. This results in CO2 emissions and, depending on the region, ever-increasing areas of deforestation. By treating water chemically (e.g. with chlorine) or mechanically (with water filters) or by making groundwater accessible from wells, these CO2 emissions can be conserved.

By supporting the project in Cambodia, we can calculate that more than 5 million litres of drinking water can be treated without polluting the environment.

Further information about Project Clean Drinking Water in Cambodia can be found here (Drinking Water).