Corporate Carbon Footprint

Together with ClimatePartner, we have created the Corporate Carbon Footprint. This is regarded as an important building block for…

the development of a further climate protection strategy. By analysing the emissions produced, we are able to identify areas of reduction potential, develop appropriate measures and define climate protection goals.

In 2018, the Adelboden mineral spring had a total of 5,600 tonnes of CO2 emissions. We have set ourselves the goal of reducing more than 25% of our emissions by 2025.
But what does this mean exactly? – It is easy to be confused, since it is truly hard to imagine what a tonne of CO2 even looks like.

The volume of one tonne of CO2 is about 500 cubic meters or more than 6,000 medium garbage bags. With a reduction of more than 25% of our emissions, we can thus avoid emitting around 8.5 million rubbish bags!