Project Team

Although at times it seems difficult to live sustainably, the project team daily adjusts everyday life at our production company in order to meet our sustainability goals.

Sandra Soltermann, Project Manager

Sustainability is a comprehensive term – what do you think about this?
First of all, I believe sustainability is about the careful and respectful use of the resources that are available to us. Today, the main focus regarding sustainability is on reducing CO2 emissions. Although the most effective measure would be to eliminate our emissions completely, this would obviously be in conflict with the way in which we live our daily lives.
In our production plant, as well as in private life, it is important to find a balanced approach to living sustainably and to adopt that mindset.

And how do you implement this in your business and private life?
By now, I understand that sustainability is an ongoing process that has to be firmly rooted in one’s consciousness and thought about every day. Small but meaningful contributions also help. In my everyday life, this simply means questioning whether that document really needs to be printed out, whether the light really needs to be on, or whether my apartment in winter really needs to feel like the Caribbean. My mindset has definitely changed!

How does Mineralquellen Adelboden AG contribute to this?
Project Team was brought to life more than a year ago, but Adelbodner has always paid close attention to the careful use of resources. This is clearly due to the size of the company and the importance of our natural products. However, it is also logical that CO2 emissions occur in a production facility and cannot be avoided.
In a relatively short time, we realized that we required an external partner that could closely examine our company from the outside. With ClimatePartner, we have brought an experienced and competent partner on board. Together we had the opportunity to precisely analyze our processes and apply changes where necessary. We want to take responsibility and be able to offer the consumer sustainable solutions.

Sandra Eggler, Marketing & Communication

What do you think about sustainability?
Due to the increase in wealth and the abundance of consumer goods, we have certainly done a lot wrong in the past few decades. However, with the determination and effort of the western world, we can definitely achieve global sustainability goals and give the environment the opportunity to recover in time.

And what does sustainable action mean for you?
Action is everything – the responsibility rests with each individual and starts with the way we make decisions. For me, it’s not strictly about doing without, but about the careful and economical use of resources. Research and development in this area has taken a big step in the right direction over the past few years, and I am convinced that the industry is on the right track.

How does communication play a role here?
Sustainability will only become more and more of a requirement for companies over time. Consumers expect producers to act responsibly at all levels. Working methods and processes need to be constantly monitored and adapted to ensure that sustainability-related goals can be met.
In cooperation with ClimatePartner, we now have the opportunity to closely examine our company and make improvements where necessary.

How is this topic handled at Mineralquellen Adelboden AG?
Sustainability encompasses so much more than just the hotly discussed topic of climate protection. As a small business in a peripheral region, Adelbodner has always been focused on sustainability. Of course, there has always been a trade-off between productivity and profitability.
Sustainability must be grounded in the core business model in order to have an effect on a company. Our commitment to the environment is ultimately reflected in the quality of our natural mineral water.