Adelbodner Team

The topic of sustainability has many facets and concerns the entire community of a company. It requires everyone to deal with the issue in order to solve the problem.

Together for the future – Voices from the Adelbodner Team

Roger Flückiger, Quality Assurance and Development

How would you define sustainability?
Sustainability is a very broad topic. In connection with the environment, I find the concept of buying locally absolutely important, as well the entire topic surrounding recycling.
The companies in the beverage industry are primarily under pressure in the areas of packaging and bottles. In my opinion, research and development has done little here for a long time. A combination of factors, including outside pressure, has now pushed the industry a step in the right direction, and I am convinced that we will see new innovations on the market in the next few years.
We also cannot ignore the fact that Switzerland has a well-functioning recycling system in place and has always made the reuse of resources a priority.

What is your job at Adelbodner and how do you see sustainability being a part of your work?
I work as a food technologist in quality assurance and development. Sustainability is a central topic for our team, especially regarding the development of new products as well as the adaptation of processes in our everyday work.
Whenever possible, we use local and regional products. This not only reduces long transport routes, but also supports our local areas. For the most part, our work material can be reused, and we put special emphasis on proper recycling and disposal techniques.

And how important is sustainability to you personally?
Very important! – In my travels around the world, I have seen many extremely polluted places. Household rubbish is simply tossed outside and unfortunately does not simply rot as quickly and easily as something like vegetable scraps. In many places, there is a need for information regarding proper waste disposal.
At home, I pay special attention to where food products are coming from and try to buy locally whenever possible.

Sarah Brunner, Marketing & Sales

What does sustainability mean to you?
Not to exploit and waste the available resources that nature has to offer. I am convinced that if we only used what was absolutely necessary, a huge amount of waste could already be avoided. Our society lives in abundance and has come to expect everything always being available. There is, however, a current awakening to this problem, and more and more people are buying local, seasonal food. I see great potential here!

How important is the use of sustainable products for our customers?
The consumers’ change of thinking will also be felt in the food service industry. The consumer increasingly desires the declaration of individual ingredients that are put into products. You can clearly see a trend towards greater environmental awareness and that certainly plays a major role for us.

How important is sustainability to you personally?
I also attach great importance to the topic of sustainability in my private life. I try my best to set a good example at home. For example, I take care to avoid food waste and to recycle whatever I buy. I live by the motto: Why waste it when you can enjoy it?