Project renewable energy

Mineralquellen Adelboden AG is a modern production company that kept in step with the times by using 100% renewable energy for power generation.

The environment and future generations are very important to us – sustainability is the future!

Unfortunately, we are still living in an age of fossil fuels. 80% of the world’s energy consumption is produced by oil, gas and coal. This places a heavy burden on the environment: not only because carbon dioxide is released during combustion, but also from the major intervention in nature owing to the extraction of fossil energy sources. Additionally, fossil energy sources are finite and will one day become scarce.


The Energy Strategy 2050 provides for a gradual restructuring of the energy system in Switzerland. Energy consumption is to be noticeably reduced and the proportion of alternative energies dramatically increased.


As a production company, we obviously work with electricity. The sustainable use of resources has been a priority for us since the company’s founding in 1948. Through the use of more modern systems and system components, we have been able to reduce our energy consumption considerably. However, this is still not enough for us!


For some time now, the focus at Adelbodner has been on replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy. In connection with our building extension, we were finally able to realize our dream and begin production with 100% renewable energy.


We can generate 25% of the electricity alone through our own solar energy system on the roof.

Solar energy system on the roof during construction

The other 75% of our energy consumption is generated by renewable Swiss hydropower. Owing to the considerable amount of precipitation, Switzerland offers ideal conditions for the use of hydropower. For us as a beverage producer, this is an ideal and obvious solution which covers our own goal of 100% electricity generation from renewable energy.