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In Focus: Mountain Forest

Find out more about Project Bergwald, Sustainability, and the Launch of our New Product – Bärgtee.

The dependency that exists between the mountain forest and us humans has always been known. They do a lot for us – they protect us, nourish us and strengthen us. Nevertheless, the consequences of climate change have long been visible in Switzerland as well.
In terms of sustainability, Mineralquellen Adelboden AG has dealt with a wide variety of projects. It was already clear from the beginning that our most important asset, namely the pure, fresh spring mineral water, came unchanged from nature and had to be protected for the future.


Project Bärgwald
As a Swiss company that processes a natural product, it is particularly important for us to support regional projects. The consequences of climate change have long been visible in Switzerland. By supporting Project Bergwald in the Bernese Oberland, we can thus play our part in the reforestation and conservation of forests.
The project protects natural habitats, such as native forests and the Alps, and contributes to the agricultural turnaround. The environmental and social problems associated with conventional land management have been crucial to the turnaround in agricultural policy. A fundamental problem lies in the high energy expenditure of conventional agriculture, especially in the production of mineral fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, further problems such as soil acidification or the contamination of soil, groundwater and other waters by fertilizers arise.
Additionally, mountain forests protect villages from landslides, rockfalls and avalanches. However, the development of these forests is too slow to protect residential areas from such natural events. Therefore, the additional care and reforestation by humans are indispensable.
Project Bergwald has already been around for 30 years. For one week, volunteers from a wide range of employment sectors work in the forests. However, they are not there to hike; instead, they pick, shovel and revive the protective forests.


In connection to Project Bergwald, Adelbodner launched a fitting tea line at the beginning of the new year. Sustainability is also a priority here – the Adelbodner Bärgtee is bottled from selected ingredients from the Bernese Oberland. For example, the herbs that give the tea its refreshing and intense aroma come from the neighbouring Simmental valley.

The Adelbodner Bärgtee is available in the following flavors:

Peppermint – Lemon 50cl rPET 33cl Disposable Glass
Lemon – Thyme 50cl rPET 33cl Disposable Glass

Mineralquellen Adelboden AG’s production is climate-neutral. All products are made with 100% renewable energy, filled in PET bottles made from 100% recycled material and packaged in shrink wrap with a 50% recycled content.