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Ginger-Sparkling Apple Juice

Apple with ginger – a tasty combination!

This drink is not only made with our Adelbodner Apfelschorle, but also with Ginger Ale. This non-alcoholic drink offers a new take on the traditional Apfelschorle.

First pour 2 dl Adelbodner Apfelschorle and 1 dl Ginger Ale in a glass. This drink is best served cold, so be sure to add a few ice cubes. As a decoration, dip apple slices in lemon juice and place on a skewer. Lemon juice prevents the apple slices from browning too quickly. Add a handful of cranberries and cinnamon sticks to taste – your sparkling Ginger-Schorle is finished!

- Adelbodner Apfelschorle
- Ginger Ale
- Cranberries
- Ice
- Apple
- Short skewers