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The mineral spring of Adelboden is one of the highest springs in Europe, nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The source of our mineral water flows far away from the harmful effects of any environmental influences after travelling many years through the rock formations of the untouched world of the Alps.

Adelbodner - The Big Brand

Adelbodner – our classic mineral water from Adelboden. Low in sodium and nitrates, rich in calcium and magnesium. This highly mineralised, natural mineral water is available either still or sparkling.

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Alpenrose - The Premium Brand

Alpenrose – our premium mineral water. It is presented in a remarkable and elegant glass bottle. It is much coveted in the catering trade for its unique look; numerous well-known and renowned restaurants include Alpenrose on their menu.

Our Products

Adello - The Good Value Brand

Adello - our inexpensive, high quality brand. This natural mineral water is kind to your purse and very beneficial as it contains calcium and sulphates, has a high mineral content and very low levels of nitrate.

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